How to pay?

We accept Paypal or credit card payments.

Where do we deliver?

We deliever to all states within the US.

How long do I have to wait for the shipment?

Usually we send within 7 days, the total delivery time depends on your state but should be between 10-14 days in total.

Do you also offer customized products?

We are happy to also offer you customized products. Please use the contact form and tell us your wishes

How does the mounting of acoustic panels and diffusers work?

The diffusers are mounted on the back using sawtooth hangers. The exception is the Skyline diffuser, which is drilled directly onto the wall, and the 2D-500 and 2D-507 models, which are mounted with mounting adhesive (not included).

The Alpha and WaveFuser modules are mounted using solvent-free mounting adhesive (not included).
The remaining acoustic modules are mounted using the enclosed mounting kit.
To do this, drill holes in the modules and the wall/ceiling.